one of them, in the lists of killed, wounded, and rewarded, the name of

At first the noise of the falling bombs and shells only aroused

On his way home from Vorontsovo, as he was passing the Bolotnoe Place

Father, Father! Yes, I will do something with which even he would be

sounded far away. Here everyone clearly saw and said that the battle was

"Andrew Sevastyanych!" said Rostov. "You know, we could crush them...."

anyone else. He's not there himself, so you'll have to go in and ask the

the hall door squeaked from the cold as it let in the Rostovs and their

stronger flow of love for his sovereign. He longed to show that love in

us soldiers!" he added, smiling, after a momentary pause. "So much the


nonrecognition of something absolute, serving as the measure of visible


reverie without finishing the story. He thought not of this pretty

presence. Yet sooner or later it had to be, and she went in. The sobs

herself, her face was pale. It was he. She knew this for certain, though

had to be ordered to keep the "will" in.

BOOK EIGHT: 1811 - 12

prisoners, and that one of their comrades, a German soldier, had been

ninth of July Kutuzov received the title of Prince. This might indicate

talked over at length. At last the conversation gradually settled on

The valet sat up and whispered something. Timokhin, kept awake by the

like this when he entered the day before he could not for a moment have

drop. Well then, on Friday after the review I shall expect you,

politeness prevented his showing impatience, left the old woman with a

our observation, must leave aside kings, ministers, and generals, and

his sister, "he could go out in his smock, but as it is cold he must

countess. Her son's growth toward manhood, at each of its stages, had

joyously festive mood reigned in the city. Everyone believed the victory

the unsatisfactory results of the battles at Krasnoe, by Bogdanovich.

sixteen who had recently joined the regiment, was now in the same

himself whether the news was good or bad. That did not interest him. He

familiar acquaintance, "we are getting up a costume tournament; you

He patted her on the shoulder and himself closed the door after her.

to tell the Emperor. What do you think he replied? 'But, my dear

impossible to continue studying the Ptolemaic worlds. But even after the

equal halves on the palm of his hand, sprinkled some salt on it from the

nights with a Wallachian woman--Prince Andrew asked Kutuzov to transfer

At last the Emperor, tired of futile expectation, his actor's instinct

occasion, yet both would be right. He liked to talk and he talked well,

he roared, "Hurrah!" and emptying his glass at one gulp he dashed it to

laughed--as he often did--were all sound and good, there was not a gray

a treasure... she is a rare girl.... My dear friend, I entreat you,

eccentric father.

Minister of This and B Governor General of That, and that the Emperor

"Natasha, I love you too much! More than anything in the world."

knew that provisions were scarce there), but because this alone could

than previous dispositions by which he had won victories. His pseudo-

and shouts in the enemy's camp. Rostov rode up to Bagration, reported to

On seeing the Russian general he threw back his head, with its long hair

replied: "Because you are alive and thinking of the living, while I..."



the old prince first heard of the defeat at Austerlitz stated, as usual

"Your honor, you're wanted by the general. He is in the hut here," said

which he himself did not understand.

to tell the Emperor. What do you think he replied? 'But, my dear

no single quiver in Pierre's voice, no look, no twitch of a muscle in

has protested against the seizure of the Duke of Oldenburg's territory,

all running back somewhere, and I shall run with them, and it, death, is

"I will make a match for you with the princess. Catherine Petrovna

away but that had seemed the only thing to do.

his own pleasure, chose to chat with Lieutenant Drubetskoy. More than

human race while ourselves setting an example of baseness and

were discernible, and in the hollow the dying campfire gleamed red. Not

laws. History stands on the same path. And if history has for its object

smeared with something!"


conversation and began excitedly talking of the abuses that existed

from worldliness, but not avoid (a) the service of the state, (b) family

The third order was: General Campan will move through the wood to seize

bitterly that in spite of repeated orders, the soldiers continue to

You, peaceful inhabitants of Moscow, artisans and workmen whom

to Napoleon to demand reinforcements.

and accouterments put in order.

"How am I? If we grumble at sickness, God won't grant us death," replied

Nesvitski looked round and saw, some fifteen paces away but separated by

Tikhon scratched his back with one hand and his head with the other,

noise the sound of their old voices saying one after another, "I agree,"

and admit historical events which are exceptions to the theory.

the satisfaction of one's needs and consequent freedom in the choice of

everything he could say had long been known to him, that he was weary of

movements of the crowd had any sense. So one might have thought that

without noticing Nicholas.

long, lank, round-shouldered, fair-haired man, slow in his movements and

ought to avoid her and go away, Pierre, despite that decision, had not

tenderness, and glancing at Pierre she went out of the room.

refute him someone would have to prove to him that there is no devil, or

themselves giving it a thought, yet in Petersburg their circle of

the cannon! Look there, those are furs!" they exclaimed. "Just see what

learned that Dolokhov the brawler, Dolokhov the bully, lived in Moscow

"No, friend," said a pleasant and, as it seemed to Prince Andrew, a

retire from the army and return and marry Sonya, Nicholas, serious,

Talk in general centered round three melancholy facts: the Emperor's

"No, it's not that, but worse. You will see. O, Mary, he is too good, he

which means the All. Talks with Brother V. strengthen, refresh, and

dressing gown and smiled slightly, as if expressing respectful

Anna Mikhaylovna came out last. She approached Pierre with slow, quiet

in which a post had been set up. Beyond that post a fresh pit had been

Count Ilya Rostov smiled blandly and nodded approval.

certain words, seems to us senseless. He had the power and so what he

"Let me kiss you, dear old fellow! Oh, how fine, how splendid!"

"Certainly; but about Kutuzov, I don't promise."

distinguished by the fact that she always presented some new and

moment, sat beside him: the rest, crowding round him, watched every

Last night a proposition was made me on your account and, as you know my